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2. Sirappu abishegam
3. Homam
4. Pushapa sevai
5. Vasthira sevai
6. Pada poojai
7. Panaga samarpanam
Sri Raghavendra Swamy
Sidhar Temple and more than 1500 years old Thenupureswarar Temple which are located very close to each other, In front of these Temples is the Bhaviya Swaruba Shri Ragavendra Swami’s Miruthiga Nala Brindavan located in Chithalapakkam. In earlier days, Sidhars stayed here and they blessed this place. Hence it is named as “Sidharpakkam” and as the years rolled by it is now known as “Chithalapakkam”.
Vashthra Seva
In order to offer Vasthra seva to Guru Raja pleasse bring 9x5 size Veshti, Towel. To offer other gods please bring Pillayar thundu (15 nos) big size, Skirt (medium size 4 nos), Navagra vasthara in a bag with your family members name and nakshathra written in it.
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